Live Stock Tracker | How to Choose/Use a Stock Tracker App?

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Live Stock Tracker

What Is A Live Stock Tracker?

Though the majority of stock investors are familiar with notable stocks like Tesla and Apple, inexperienced investors may not be aware that hundreds of other stocks are accessible for trading around-the-clock. A Live Stock Tracker app may assist you in locating your next portfolio addition, even if it would be practically impossible to manually go through all of these investment alternatives. With the help of this article, you may choose the best tool for your skill level and financial needs.

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A professional tool that helps you filter through potential stock investments is a live stock tracker. You’ll use a stock screener to set up specific criteria for limiting and organizing assets. Your stock tracker will filter through hundreds of equity projects after you’ve selected your search criteria and show you just those that meet your criteria. It may help you avoid wasting time and effort while investigating new options.

Why Every Investor Should Use A Live Stock Tracker

Stock market trading may be quite stressful; with daily swings, geopolitical strife, pandemics, changing sectors, and a variety of other things, it is difficult to maintain concentration. This may not be a big deal for day traders, who thrive on regular volatility. You must keep ahead of the market by constantly evaluating and forecasting future trends. However, for the ordinary trader, these changes just make it more difficult to remain on track. How do you ensure that you can continue to implement a long-term strategy? A live stock tracker might help you. It might be tempting to keep watching the market and reading financial news. However, if your investing horizon is just twenty years, why bother?

Naturally, this is also dependent on portfolio diversity. It is not necessary to follow your equities on a daily basis if you have diversified your holdings. It makes sense to check in once in a while, not react to variations, and keep on track. A stock tracker may assist you in doing this. A stock tracker enables you to monitor several exchanges where your stocks trade and consolidate all of this information into a single display. Aside from all of your assets, you might also receive a summary of your transactions, i.e., your portfolio data.

5 Cool Stock Tracking Apps That Are Easy To Use

Another benefit is receiving push alerts when large price changes occur. You may set it up so that you get notifications when there is a significant market movement. This gives you the flexibility to not worry about your portfolio unless it is absolutely necessary. Be cautious since the market mood might cause you to make foolish transactions. A stock tracker may help you keep track of your progress in this procedure. Atlas Investment Tracker is a pioneer in the sector and has created an app that integrates stocks and crypto assets.

At One Glance, The Features of A Live Stock Tracker

If you use a live stock tracker, you will have the ability to identify precisely the kinds of common stocks in which you are interested in investing. Screening may be done simply and fast based on sectors, credit ratings, current values (P/E ratios), dividend yields, and a wide variety of other measures, such as historical profit growth and dividend growth rates, amongst others. After you have designed the screen that best suits your needs, you have the option of either saving it for later use or loading the results into a portfolio that provides you with the capability to organize and modify the data. 

The screening choices may be as simple as a fast check of a certain industry or as involved as specifying that a credit rating must be at least an A grade, depending on how much detail you want.

  • Examine every corner of the universe: You have access to screen through the full world of over 18,000 distinct companies thanks to a live stock tracker. In this manner, you will be able to zero in on precisely the kind of businesses that you are interested in seeing.
  • A Tremendous Number of Alternatives: Make screens with 99 different choices, ranging from historical data to estimated data, and use them to do anything you want. You’ll have the ability to open each stock immediately while you’re using the tracker.
  • Screens can be exported to portfolios: When you find a convincing screen that you like, you have the option of immediately exporting the stocks that appear on that screen into a portfolio for subsequent evaluation.
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How to Choose the Best Stock Tracker App

The ideal stock tracker will provide you with a clear picture of your overall portfolio balance, total profit, or loss since you began investing or since the previous day. Your personal portfolio graph, which is divided up into various time periods, should allow you to examine the trajectory of your stock investments.

Instead, it should simply link your portfolio to your preferred broker, which will automatically manage transactions and broker fees in a quick, easy, and straightforward manner. Use the best stock tracker app to set up notifications for your favorite stocks. It might include pre-personalized alerts that are based on how you use the app.

By setting up your stock tracker, you should be able to see the current price, team information, communications, the most recent trend chart, your holdings, and your profit/loss for each asset in your stock portfolio. If you just want to keep track of a few stocks, you might simply add them to your list of followers. The largest international exchanges are supported by a faultless stock tracker, and they are always striving to add more. Get an analysis of your equity and trading history. A stock tracker provides a thorough picture of your stocks separated by industry, the performance of your portfolio relative to the market, and several in-depth portfolio analyses.

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Atlas Investment Tracker: The Ideal Live Stock Tracker for You

Using the Atlas Investment Tracker App, which is the most powerful and user-friendly portfolio monitoring tool that is currently available, you are able to maintain accurate real-time updates of your cryptocurrency and stock holdings. This is made possible by the app’s powerful structure, which is the most advanced in its field.