Simple Crypto Tracker | What Features Make A Crypto Tracker Perfect

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Simple Crypto Tracker

The Importance of Using Crypto Tracker

What you can monitor and measure, as the phrase goes, you can manage – and ideally develop. This is more important than ever in today’s volatile financial environment when net worth and return on investment (ROI) are at stake. And no other asset requires as much watching, measuring, and management as crypto – an exceptionally volatile investment class. Investors of all sizes are looking for tools to help them maintain track of their cryptocurrency performance and development in the following months and years. Fortunately, there are several crypto portfolio trackers available to assist you in doing so. Follow along as we dig into the crucial information you need to know to pick the best and most simple crypto tracker.

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What A Simple Crypto Tracker Does

A simple crypto tracker is a digital platform, such as an app or website, that enables investors to keep track of the ever-changing value of their various cryptocurrencies so that they can effectively manage their portfolios. This allows investors to make informed decisions about the assets in their portfolios. A simple crypto tracker may interact with crypto wallets, which provide users the ability to exercise control over their own digital currencies. Some also interface with real cryptocurrency exchange accounts, which allow investors to trade digital assets. Investors who regularly trade more than three distinct kinds of cryptocurrencies are strongly encouraged to utilize the fastest crypto tracker in order to monitor and manage their holdings in this asset class.

Keep Your Portfolio Well-Diversified with a Free Stock and Crypto Tracker.

As a result of cryptocurrency’s recent surge in popularity, hundreds of distinct cryptocurrencies are currently available. In addition, the value of each constantly fluctuates, much like the value of fiat money. This is made even worse by the fact that crypto markets trade around the clock every day of the year and are very susceptible to being influenced by current events and news stories. The more assets you have in your portfolio, particularly those of a kind that are subject to rapid change, such as cryptocurrency, the more time you will need to devote to the administration of your crypto holdings.

You might also look for a tool that will perform this action on your behalf. This kind of technology is known as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, and it gives you the ability to effortlessly monitor the performance of your various assets, including cryptocurrencies, all within a single view—just like a Cryptowatch or a stock tracker on your phone.

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Having a simple crypto tracker by your side is crucial. Because it is vital for you to seek portfolio diversification in order to construct a selection of assets that is constantly well-balanced and well-diversified, these are two critical techniques for maintaining your money in good health, and portfolio diversification is one of them.

Features To Look for In A Crypto Tracker

The multitude of tools that are now accessible, all of which are vying for your attention without making it easy to choose between them, is the main issue with crypto portfolio monitoring. To help you in your quest for a simple crypto tracker, we’re going to provide you with the main criteria to use in this part to evaluate your alternatives:

  • To show you the data you need to manage your assets, cryptocurrency portfolio trackers interact with third-party aggregator APIs. They may access a variety of cryptographic data sources thanks to this. Because it interfaces with a number of aggregators that each cater to a distinct market, Atlas Investment Tracker is ideally suited to monitoring various cryptocurrency accounts as well as stocks, investment accounts, and more.
  • The digital currency known as “cryptocurrency” is controlled by the decentralized “blockchain” network. This network is not managed, monitored, or owned by any one organization or authority. This naturally implies that it is challenging to identify the owner of a cryptocurrency and that it is extremely problematic to undo a transaction once it has been completed. Portfolio trackers must take care not to let any criminal elements use them to get user logins for a range of financial institutions since they link to their clients’ cryptocurrency accounts.
  • The ability to consolidate all of their assets into a single dashboard from which they can monitor them all is one of the main motivations for people to use crypto portfolio trackers. Atlas Tracker is one investment tracker that can accomplish that for you, automatically and in real-time, if you have assets that originate in many currencies but wish to check the value of their holdings in one chosen currency. Here, we talk about usability!

Think About All-Position Unification

As savvy investors are aware, diversification is essential for keeping a solid portfolio and increasing your net worth. The drawback of diversifying into several alternative assets, such as cryptocurrencies, is how hard it can be to comprehend how they all interact to affect your portfolio. The solution may be found by looking a bit farther than portfolio trackers that advertise themselves as “crypto-only” and looking into stronger choices that can combine your whole portfolio on the dashboard.

Additionally, any portfolio tracker that claims to consolidate your net worth and other crucial financial data into a single dashboard had better convert the value of each asset to your chosen currency in real-time, including USD, INR, GBP, SGD, and a ton of other options.

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In case you weren’t aware, we believe Atlas Investment Tracker is a very great tracker. We say this because Atlas is really designed for contemporary investors who are fed up with having their time, money, and private information taken by financial instruments that seem only to be helpful. In addition to managing bank accounts, Atlas allows you to measure and track a wide range of assets, including cash, stocks, NFT investments, and much more.

Atlas connects with top asset experts to provide your dashboard with up-to-the-minute market data for your significant assets in houses, cars, and web domains. To maintain a constant check on the market, you can also add tickers for specific stocks and digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and other altcoins to Atlas’ portfolio monitoring tool.